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New Puppy Shopping List

We know that shopping for a new puppy is super exciting...but it can be overwhelming!  Here a few suggestions of our recommended products that we use and love. 


Similar to the clear playpen that our puppies play in for group and independent play!  Works great for letting your puppy play while you monitor them close by.  We love that it is collapsible and has a door that can be left open.  


High quality protein made with wild caught salmon and zero grains, designed for all life stages, optimal amino acid profile for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES.  Premium ingredients with added vitamins and minerals; superfoods for hard antioxidants; fatty acids for skin and coat; essential hypoallergenic ingredients


Revol is an attractive, collapsible dog

crate that is easy to set up, transport, 

and store.  Revol's design, inspired by baby industry standards, incorporates premium materials and ergonomic, easy-to-use doors.  Revol comes with a puppy divider, removable tray for easy cleaning and a ceiling hatch for easy access.  


This small dog crate by Midwest Homes for Pets is very easy to collapse and store/transport and includes a divider for potty training/crate training.  

These are great healthy treats to help with the potty training process, or just because your puppy is so adorable!

We recommend one can of soft Blue Buffalo puppy food for the first few days to help your puppy acclimate to their new home.  They absolutely love it!

Food Bowl
Puppy Probiotic
Stuffy toy

Stainless steel non-tipping, non-spilling water and food station is easy to clean!

Improves gut and digestive health and helps boost your puppy's immune system.  Helps reduce diarrhea, vomiting, unhealthy bowel movements and upset stomachs.  Helps your puppy digest food and absorb nutrients better.  Gives your dog healthier joints, skin coat and organ function.  Improves overall health! 

Dogs and puppies are social animals who instinctively want to be a part of a pack.  The Original Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a "real-feel" pulsing heartbeat, providing an extra source of comfort for your pet.  We have found that a snuggle puppy at night can be a big help with crate training!


We recommend these puppy training bells for potty training your puppy.  We prefer these to the one that hangs over the door as they will jingle each time the door is open vs. only when your puppy rings the bell!

This toothbrush set has soft bristle brushes and is gentle and effective at reducing tartar build up and whitening/brightening your puppy's teeth.  The toothpaste is chicken flavored (YUM!) and is made with all natural ingredients. 

This is the shampoo we use on our puppies and pawrents.  The gentle brightening formula keeps their white markings looking gorgeous and it smells amazing!

Hair scissors
Chewy Toy

Dual level bristles keep your puppy's coat looking great while protecting their sensitive skin.  Routine brushing keeps your puppy's fur clean and tangle free while stimulating blood flow and distributing natural oils.  Brushing your puppy is a great bonding time for both of you and leaves your puppy looking great!

This grooming set has everything you will need to keep your puppy looking great between their spa days at the groomer!  The blades are titanium coated to help them maintain their sharpness and have blunt tips to protect your puppy.  Great for trimming around their eyes!

This toothbrush toy will keep your puppy's teeth looking great between brushings.  It has a delicious beef flavor and keeps your puppy busy, discouraging destructive chewing. Our puppies love this toy!

Car carrier

This donut pet bed mimics the warmth and security of your puppy's mother's coat while supporting your puppy's head.  It provides better sleep support, supports joints and offers a calming, self warming effect.  It is 100% machine washable and free from flame retardants, formaldehyde, skin irritating chemicals and harsh dyes. A puppy favorite!

We know how much fun it is to take your puppy for a ride, but we also know the dangers of not having your pet securely anchored in. This seat has metal frame construction with a washable/removable pet blanket.  It has adjustable elevation allowing your puppy to see out the window which helps with car sickness.  

This gate is perfect for puppies and small to medium size pets.  It fits doorways and hallway openings 26.4"-40.2".  It is low enough to confine your pet, but not you; a wide base prevents tipping over.  Self-supporting and requires no installation.  The supports fold back for easy storage and rubber feet protect your floor.  A gate is a great help in introducing your puppy to your home in stages, which supports good potty training and eases anxiety.

Travel bag
Water bowl
Indoor playpen

This soft sided airline approved carrier is super soft and comfy with a fleece lining to keep your puppy relaxed and comfortable on their flight home!  It features self locking zippers and a low profile for under seat compatibility.  

If you've ever been on a hike or long walk with your pup, you know fresh water is a must! This water bottle has a silicone dish attached and is perfect for walks or travel!

Let your puppy stretch those legs but still provide the comfort of a den with its option to attach it to the Midwest Homes crate! Also perfect for establishing a "potty spot" outside when potty training your puppy!

Vest for leash
Bag carrier

We love harnesses for walks and this one comes in the cutest colors and patterns!

Fetchable, chewable, tossable, tuggable. Flossing made fun!  Made of cotton with no chemical dyes, no VOC plastics! The dogs love to play with this one!

Lets face it...all dogs poop...even in the dark. This dog poop bag dispenser with an LED flashlight has got you covered for nighttime potty trips!

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