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Why A Windy Ridge Cockapoo?

     At Windy Ridge Puppies we believe that our genetics, temperament and training will give you the cutest, sweetest and healthiest addition to your family.  Our pawrents are all AKC registered, meaning that they are purebred and have no other genetics in their background.  All our pawrents are also genetically tested for over 200 genetic traits and diseases so that we know our puppies will have the best possible start to life. 

     We have carefully selected our parents for both genetics and temperament.  We have raised them all from puppies and spend time training them every day.  We believe well trained parents result in well trained happy puppies that spread joy wherever they are.  While genetics are important we also believe training our puppies is just as important.  Studies show that performance in animal competition are 35% heritable and 65% attributable to other influences such as training, management and nutrition. 

     We begin training our puppies at three days old using the Super Dog Program.  It is a program developed by the US Military in their canine program that they have used to give their dogs a superior advantage when performing. As a puppy grows and develops, three kinds of stimulation have been identified that impact and influence how it will develop and be shaped as an individual.  The first stage is called early neurological stimulation and the second stage is called socialization.  Research has shown that the window for early neurological stimulation to have an effect is from three days to sixteen days.  During this period, the Super Dog Program consists of a series of stimulation exercises which result in a puppy that is well adjusted and can handle new situations without becoming stressed.   It involves handling each puppy individually each day and doing a series of five exercises designed to stimulate the neurological system.  If you would like to learn more about these exercises and their benefits please click here.  

     The second stage is socialization and takes place between the fourth and sixteenth weeks of age.  A lack of socialization will result in a dog that is aloof, distant, asocial, and unwilling to please its owners.  We begin socialization training for our puppies at four weeks with adults, children and other dogs because we feel that early training has the best results.   We also do not begin to wean them until 8 weeks because we feel that more time spent with their mother at an early age leads to a better socialized puppy.  When a dog is properly socialized at a young age it is easier to train because it naturally wants to please its family.   Our socialization program includes acclimating them to all the sounds that they will hear in your home (dishwasher, washer/dryer, vaccum microwave, etc) as well as a lot of time spent with us and our children and our extended family.  We also do puppy massage so that they will be comfortable and well-adjusted when they go to the vet and the groomer.  We get a lot of comments from our families' vets and groomer on how well socialized our puppies are and this makes us SO happy!  We work on beginnning potty training and crate training and also independent play for those times when you will not be able to play with them and they need to be able to play on their own.  We spend a lot of time with our puppies making sure they are a wonderful addition to your family!

    The third stage of growth and development is called enrichment.  Unlike the first two stages it has no time limit and is a positive sum of experiences which have a cumulative effect upon your puppy.  Enrichment would include things like going to the park, obedience and agility classes which provide opportunites for interaction and investigation.  


About our Cockapoos

A cockapoo is cross of a cocker spaniel and poodle resulting in the perfect combination of cuteness, intelligence and affection.  They have the incredible intelligence and non-shedding coat of the poodle and the calm and loving disposition of the cocker spaniel, making them a wonderful family pet, especially for small children.  They are also hypo-allergenic due to the poodles non- shedding, low dander genetics making them very allergy friendly.  

     Our mothers are Cocker Spaniels and range from 16-22 lbs.  Our males are miniature poodles and range from 12-15 lbs.  Your full grown Cockapoo puppy should weigh between 15-22 lbs and be 10-14' tall.  Our Cockapoos vary in color from buff, to red to cream and combinations of these colors.  Their coat is relatively dirt resistant and water repellant and may be curly, wavy or straight depending on their parentage.    Their average lifespan is 15 years, ensuring that your puppy will be a wonderful part of your family for many years.  If you have any questions about our cockapoo puppies or our training program please feel free to click the link below to contact us!


Why a Cockapoo?

      A first generation cockapoo is a cross between a purebred cocker spaniel and purebred miniature poodle.  Their size will depend on the size of their parents but generally they are in the 20-25 lb range when full grown.  These beautiful loving puppies come in a full range of colors, depending on parentage.  

     Cockapoo puppies carry the best traits of both breeds.  They have soft silky coats like those of the cocker spaniel but without the shedding.  They don't have a "doggy smell" due to the lack of dander from the poodle.  They are sweet, smart and loving, not to mention absolutely adorable.  

     If you have a family with small children they are an excellent choice for you.  Their personalities are loving and laid-back.  They are smart and alert but very patient and affectionate.  Additionally they are not delicate dogs and can stand a bit of play and innocent wrestling that small children like to engage in.  They are easily trained and motivated to please their family.  They will enjoy playing fetch, swimming, long walks, snuggling on the couch and trips in the car.  Adding a Cockapoo to your family is a decision that you will be so glad you made!  

     When you bring your new Cockapoo puppy home they will adapt easily.  There may be some whining the first couple of nights as they settle in but for the health and training of your puppy we recommend that they sleep in their crate at night.  Cockapoo puppies do not require a lot of physical exercise and can adapt to almost any lifestyle making them perfect for families whether they live in a house or an apartment.  

     If you are ready to add one of these adorable puppies to your family please click the link below to fill out an application.  We will reply by email in 24-48 hours.  

"The BEST family ever!!! Not to mention the BESTEST addition to your family! We sLOVE s OUR MILA!!---Zach G. 
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