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Watch Our Puppies Grow Up


Meet Miss Elle's Cockapoo puppies-two sweet boys and one adorable little girl!  They are spending their days snuggling with their mama (she takes great care of them!) and enjoying lots of snacks!  Their little bellies are getting chubby and we love seeing them grow.   


Here is a little peak into Miss Elle's Cockapoo puppies first week of life!  Lots of puppy snuggles and kisses plus Super Pup Training and puppy massage.  Puppy massage helps our cockapoo puppies become used to being touched all over which helps them be calm and comfortable at the groomer and vet.  Mr. Liam is so chatty during puppy melts our heart! 


Its been a big couple of weeks for Miss Elle's Cockapoo puppies!  Everyone graduated from our Super Pup Training with honors!  All eyes are open and their ears have opened too!  It is so fun to see them start to notice different sounds and pay attention to what is making them!  We have now started our Socialization Training which will continue until the puppies go home.  We will be introducing them to all the sounds and activities that are normal in your home such as the dishwasher, washer/dryer, vacuum, microwave, etc as well as, of course, the sounds of our family living life.  We also play puppy sound albums for them of sounds that are not normal around our home (such as trains etc) but may be in their new homes.  We will continue with our daily puppy massage (seriously, their favorite as well as ours) and lots of snuggle time with mama and us.  


We can't believe these cockapoo babies are almost four weeks old!  Time is just flying by!  They are taking their first wobbly little steps and starting to explore!  They aren't super interested in toys yet; they would rather play with each other, but we know it won't be any time at all and they will be having a blast with toys.  We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we can start to see their little personalities come out!


Lots of Saturday snuggles with our cockapoo babies!  They are becoming more social and curious about their surroundings and people.  They are starting to be much more playful with us and each other.  So far they haven't found their voices but we know that will come soon.  We predict that toys will become a big hit next week!


This week our cockapoo puppies became more mobile and curious.  They are starting to be interested in toys but snuggles are still their favorite.  They are starting to find their voices...we've heard a few little squeaks and noises coming from them this week and even one little tiny howl/wail from Mr. Leo when he was not getting any snuggles.  We saw our first little happy tails this week...we know that will increase as they become more confident.  We will be starting our crate training this coming week as well as beginning potty training.  They are so smart that we know they will catch on quickly!  


Our six week cockapoo puppies love to play with toys and with each other.  We have started having both litters together during play time for socialization and they love it.  They are getting much more curious and active and can tumble and play for almost 30 minutes before they all snuggle into a puppy pile and take a long nap. We have started crate training (with lots of yummy treats!) as well as potty training this last week. They are doing awesome with both!


Our Cockapoo Puppies are at such a fun stage! They love to play and explore! This is their first time with a new little gym that we got for them and they had the best time learning how to climb around on it. Part of our socialization process is introducing lots of new challenges and experiences to them and it is so fun to see their confidence grow!  They are doing great with their potty training-no accidents for a week and a half!  We will start weaning them this coming week so we expect to see a small regression during this time but they will be doing great again in no time!  We will also start working on individual crate time vs the group crate time that we have been doing so puppies will learn how to be comfortable in the crate by themselves.  They usually fuss a bit when we first start this process but they catch on quickly and learn to enjoy playing with toys during crate time and a treat for doing a good job!  Cockapoo puppy for sale. 


Our cockapoo puppies love evening walks!  This is a great way for them to experience the wide world while keeping them safe until they have received their vaccinations.  We have a cockapoo puppy for sale.  

"Dash is doing great!  He is healthy, socializing, smart and I'm so happy with him!" --Bettina O. 

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